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Purple Carrot Natural Cleaning

Purple Carrot Natural Cleaning is completely equipped for your home and office cleaning needs. With affordable rates and the option to customize our services, Purple Carrot Natural Cleaning is ready to make your home or business shine. We supply everything, from our handmade cleaners to dusters, squeegees, mops, commercial vacuums and everything in between.

Purple Carrot Natural Cleaning Services

All of Purple Carrot’s green cleaning services are available to homes and businesses, and are completely customizable to your needs.

Purple Carrot also has experience in home and pet sitting. We can accommodate to your specific needs upon request.

Standard Clean

This is our most common type of clean and focuses on the cleanliness and fresh feel of your home or business. It is perfect for people with busy schedules that don’t have much time to keep up with a routine cleaning. A standard clean generally includes bathroom(s), kitchen(s), dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Many of our clients find it convenient to set a budget and have us get as much done as possible in that time frame, focusing on areas you find to be the most important.

Maintenance clean

This service is generally scheduled after an inital standard or deep clean on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to help maintain the cleanliness of your home. Maintenance cleans normally take a fraction of the time of a initial clean, and will usually become more efficient as we become more familiar with your home and develop a routine.

 Deep Clean

Generally a deep clean is more thorough than a standard clean, where we do more detail-oriented work based on our clients’ special requests. Please make a note in your questionnaire if you would prefer a deep clean, and please specify which areas you would like us to focus on the most. A deep clean is typical for an initial clean, but is not required.

Moving Clean

A move in or move out clean is very similar to a deep clean. We ensure that your home, apartment or business location is sparkling clean and fresh for you to move into or out of. Move in cleans are great for those who don’t have time to deep clean their new space to their standards, but don’t want to move into anything the last resident left behind. Move out cleans are great for those who want to be assured that the next resident will be able to move in hassle-free.

Pet Sitting

For those who want to vacation but do not want the worry and stress of keeping your furred and feathered loved ones in a boarding kennel. Purple Carrot provides thoughtful, loving care for your pets while you’re away, so you can have a worry-free vacation and your pets can stay at the home they know and love. We have experience in administering medications, ensuring all pets are fed and given water at appropriate times, making sure everyone gets plenty of play time and bathroom breaks, and, of course, spending quality time with your loved ones so that they can feel at ease while you’re away. Purple Carrot has provided loving care for dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and horses in the past, and can accommodate a wide variety of needs.

House Sitting

Whether you have pets or not, it is comforting to know that your home is safe and cared for while you’re away. Purple Carrot can accommodate to both daytime and overnight house-sitting, for either short or extended periods of time. While watching over your home, we provide services such as caring for indoor and outdoor plants, bringing in mail and packages, taking out trash and recycling, and ensuring that your home stays in good order while you’re gone.

💜  If you are interested in setting up a house or pet sitting service with Purple Carrot Natural Cleaning, please feel free to give us a call or email us with specific needs or questions. We kindly ask all potential home and pet sitting clients to set up an in-home walk-through with us prior to setting up a service. This allows us to meet and get to know your pets and their needs, familiarize ourselves with your home, and give you an accurate price.

💜  Many of our clients who have us house or pet sit also use our natural cleaning services during the sitting. It’s a wonderful combo; You know your home and pets are safe, loved and cared for, and when you return, your home will be sparkling clean and fresh.


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